The Day Before Leaving Home

This is the blog I wrote in a Boston hotel room while sitting next to my mom; we were watching the Whitney Houston movie "The Bodyguard" together. I was about to fly out to California the next morning, where I'd meet the GCY cohort and finally begin this whole adventure. I never ended up posting it, but re-reading it now I just think it's so interesting to have something exemplifying my mindset at the beginning of all this. I've got a lot of love for myself while re-reading it, a lot of respect for me going when I had zero expectation of what it would even be like. It also makes me feel like I've changed a lot. Or rather than changed, it's more like I matured, grew and learned a lot. I just became a further-enhanced version of myself, and man it's just crazy to reflect on haha.
(April 25th, 2018)

This! Is! Surreal!
I feel like I've been waiting for this moment for so long. I've known I've wanted to go back to Senegal ever since living there, but I never anticipated the opportunity coming this soon.
It's been mad stressful, as the leaving date has gotten closer. It's spurred a lot of fears, and doubts. Saying goodbye to everyone I love, it left my heart a little bruised haha. And just wrapping my head around what's happening, it's difficult at times. But I'm so proud of myself, for pursuing this. I know that I'm gonna be so happy, it makes me so excited for my future.  Man I'm gonna grow so much! Eat so many new foods! Hear so much beautiful music! Meet so many beautiful people!
I feel at peace with myself, and the world around me. I can't wait to witness my own progression throughout these next eight months. I am so! so! excited!

I also wanted to say thank you, to everyone who's been so supportive of me?? I really couldn't be more thankful, it makes me so happy. I love you all <33