The Book Called Life

Brian Baylor - Senegal

July 14, 2011

All my life I’ve wanted to travel the world, whether I were to kayak in the Egyptian Nile, snowboard down the side of the Switzerland Alps, backpack Europe or even explore the rain forest. I’ve wanted to see more then what I just watched on television. My family wasn’t wealthy but my parents are working an honest living and in reality hard work and time is what makes us all prosperous.

Wealth is a meaningful trait that society has created the world to loath and love simultaniously; but it’s not always the determining factor of being happy. It isn’t always about the amount of zeros that are cramping your bank account but the amount of experiences you took full advantage of learning from. Global Citizens Year is the greatest opportunity for any graduating senior and if accepted one should take full advantage of the course as I am doing.

Aside from that, my open mindedness to all has always granted me new and meaningful experiences that I will always cherish and share throughout my time here on earth. This program has granted us the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m anxious. Meeting new people and traveling new places is one of my expertise; but at the same time my nerves are starting to jitter for fear of what is to come around the corners I can not already see.

It’s a jungle out there and while most in my opinion would be considered monkeys sticking to the norm of eating, sleeping and the everyday monkey business. In the real world after high school one would go to college and soon after proceed to their career with a nine to five job and a boss that gets on their every last nerve. We at Global Citizens are not monkeys but wolves. All leaders of our own pack making our way out in the world the first chance our parents let us leave the den. Granted wolves do not live in the jungle — but nor have I ever lived in Senegal.

This experience is one that I will never forget. I am the wave of the future and the community service and new cultural experiences that my brain is soon to sponge in shall only be a chapter in my book towards success.

Brian Baylor