The beginning of a journey

It has been so exciting to finally start this journey. Before, it was an abstract idea; something to tell people offhandedly, “Oh yeah, I’m going to Ecuador”. And even now, the idea of going to Ecuador is only somewhat of a reality. After all, I am still in the United States, albeit I am across the country. (California is really nice, the weather here is great). Although I am in the process of training to mentally prepare myself for life abroad, Ecuador seems really far away—both in terms of time and space– even though it is not. Despite this mental reality block that I am having, I really cannot wait to finally be in Ecuador.

I am so motivated to learn about the culture, to meet people and to immerse myself in a lifestyle that is different than my own.  I am also thrilled to have an apprenticeship in Ecuador. I know that it sounds funny to those of you who have jobs, but I am so enthusiastic to work in Ecuador. I am anticipating the positive effect of learning new skills and not studying and basically gaining real life experiences all through the context of helping a community.  I know that there will be a culture shock and that communication will be difficult at first. After all, I am being trained to prepare for the unexpected. But I cannot help but look at the positive side of the situation and worry about the negatives when they hit.