The Beginning, Again

So- first blog, etc. etc., here we are. The last two weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind of bonding, introspection, serious talking, late nights, dumb jokes, and a whole lotta exploration, in every sense. GCY and Tufts training are very much the same- and yet somehow… different; it's hard to describe how. I feel a part of a larger family now than I felt I had at Medford– one that maybe I don't know quite so well, but can still share simple loves and laughs with. 
As for Stanford: the food and campus are both like a golden dream that doesn't seem to end, which is a confusing aspect of counter-intuition– why are we so sheltered, when the Stretch Zone is the ultimate goal of our Global Citizen Year? 
In the end, though, I trust that we all are in good hands, and I'm glad that a few more friendships were forged before the dive off into we know not what. 
P.S. Photo Unrelated, but still taken with GCY Fellows! My flowing locks are some of which such like may never be seen again.