The Beginning

Hmm, where do I begin. Today was the last day of Global Launch and I don’t know if I feel complete or confused. It’s been a heck of a week, from arriving at Stanford University extremely nervous, anxious, and a little timid, to ending the week feeling mildly content and ready to go in country. So you may ask, how did I go from anxious, nervous, & timid… to content? If it wasn’t for all of the reassurance and inspiration that I got this week during Global Launch, I probably would’ve been tempted to take the next flight home right about now. But I’ve met so many different people from all over the world, heard so many different stories, & also saw how nervous all of these great people were just like me, it made me feel a-lot better… to know I’m not alone in this. With that being said, I’m not complete, i’m not confused, i’m content and I wouldn’t feel that way with out the other fellows, the alumni, and Global Launch week.