The Beauty Of Not Knowing

Ask anyone that knew me throughout high school ‰ÛÒ my future revolved on traveling to Africa. During my application process to Global Citizen Year, I wasn’t curious about the other country options offered, I wanted Senegal.

Then one day, I reached the conclusion I was going to Brasil. Just like that. Out of the blue, yet it didnå«t feel random. I felt more of a calling; a pull from the country. It was as if my body had calmly realized this drastic decision and continued on with its day.

Other than visiting Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon, I had never been as interested in Brasil as I was into any given African country. A letter I had written as a freshman to my senior self instantly starts with past Camila hoping future Camila is off to explore the European, or more importantly, the African continent.

South America? That wasn’t even a thought in my head.

People were shocked by my decision. I was certain you would’ve picked Senegal. Why Brasil?” However