Thank you mentors

Dear mentors

As we part our ways, curtain of our TFI journey folds while a new life is about to unfurls before us. This missive shall convey my thoughts to its best so much as words proved to not be enough to express both my bittersweet emotions and my gratitude towards you.

First and foremost, I am grateful to your presence in my time of need which remained pivotal in my personal growth. I reminisce the very first meeting during which you emanated tremendous optimism and readiness for this journey as you laid out the plan of the year. It dissipated all my clouds of doubt and nervousness and rendered me more enthusiastic. The same charisma prevailed throughout the year from which I incessantly rubbed off on. Secondly, you smoothly facilitated my transition to my role as an assistant teacher through your constant support whenever I taught, matured after deep ponder, and needed respite. Thirdly, I owe you my deep understanding on the context of education both in India and Senegal after countless conversations, speculations, comparisons and analogies.  

I have learned a lot from you. It is not exaggerating to say that every four weekdays the metal were rung, prayers and hymns were sung, and excitement sprang out of every students etc. all thanks to you. Sacrificing both mind and health, you exceeded your expectations for the welfare of the school. This selfless leadership not only deeply inspired me to aim for the best no matter how far-fetched but also it put my vices into trials.

Above all, I admire your energetic character under all circumstances. Your entourage always appeared to be drowned of your high level energy for you were unrelentingly excited, enthusiastic and content whether it was about the school festival preparations, public services, and class time.

Lastly, you embodied bravery, courage, and integrity the day of my encounter with “Indian thugs” wannabe youngsters especially the moment when Archana didi remained unfazed and unfaltering despite harsh insults spawned from the youngsters’ foul mouths. The situation was amazingly put under control upon your interventions preventing the incurring of unnecessary troubles and harms. You were so cool and badass that many students and I sincerely revere and look up to you.

Conclusively, I can testify that this journey was one of my biggest learning step which has been made possible thanks to your unending assistance. My passions, yearnings and lifelong goals became clearer and more specific as I embark on my mission towards my future destination which probably is either Canada, Senegal or China. I have tarried the word “goodbye” to my best but until the flux of time could be immobilized, moments of leave-taking will always arise. With strong unwillingness, allow me to bid my farewell accompanied with my sincere and hearty gratitude to you.