testing 6

David Bisset

May 9, 2019




The best thing about Ecuador is the plethora of puppies. This was another fellow’s latest addition to her family and I couldn’t help but carry him around like the sleepy baby he is. 


This is our good morning at 5 am face. We were able to participate in a Guayusa tea ceremony which usually took place in the Amazon! The tea is highly caffeinated so we were all bouncing around before the sun came up.

González Suárez


I had spent most of the day at home feeling quite down and missing my family, thinking that my host family had forgotten my birthday. When dinner time came around, I was surprised to see a cake and PINEAPPLE PIZZA out on the dining table. To say the least, this will be a birthday I will remember.



Our last cohort gathering, sharing my life story and watching Django Unchained. I heard Camillo’s, my team leaders life story and felt inspired and touched by his unique family history. 



Towards the end of the program, I started to make more friends feeling more confident in my Spanish. Just like my friends in any other country, we would walk around town, joking and just hanging out. Bhrian (far left) and his friend Sebastián (far right) are University Students studying Engineering. The artist is a famous street painter often depicting indigenous Otavaleñan culture throughout the streets of Otavalo. 



We aren’t the best at taking pictures but here is me with my host family at a final fellow and family gathering. We celebrated the success of all families with a closing program ceremony organised by fellows. The day honestly passed in a blur. It was hard for me and other fellows to fathom that we were celebrating the end of our experience already. 

David Bisset