Teaching and Learning

Many times I have been asked what exactly I do with my time in India, and the simplest way to put it is teaching and learning. From my apprenticeship to my Hindi classes everything is centered around learning and teaching.

Even the nights are full of learning and teaching. I tend to stay up late trying to study Hindi or preparing the next days lesson for the english class I teach. More recently I’ve been working on a video project to show exactly how my life has been going. Even in video form its difficult to capture everything I’ve seen and heard. Not only is it difficult to show my life but the life of the locals has proven to be even more difficult. Luckily I have my students to help me out.
Everyday as I arrive to school I am greeted by warm smiles and cheerful hellos. They are always eager to learn english and always wanting to ask questions about my life at home. In fact they are so interested in learning about me that I often threaten to not share if they don’t pay attention in the english lesson. Even in the cases in which they don’t pay attention its hard to resist their bright smiles and curious questions. I want to make sure I teach them as much as possible in order to make a deep impact on their lives.
Signing off