This happened last December right around Christmas. Alright so this guy driving my Taxi noticed from my accent I’m North American and he would NOT let me get out of the Taxi. Instead of taking me where I asked him he parked his car in some random alley. I was like 89% sure I was about to get jumped in an alley and thinking, “shit, that’s what I get for taking a Taxi out at night”. Then he said “Wait, I need you to do something” *in Spanish*. Then he swiped through his radio until he got to a Bon Jovi song, the “Living On A Prayer” song. Then he said, “What is he singing about?? Please, this is my favorite song and you’re the only person who can help me…”. Then after I translated it he started going through all his 80’s/90’s music he made me translate the Rolling Stones and a bunch of other songs too. Anyways, I ended up being like 25 minutes late for lunch with Nancy, the little old lady I’m living with for the week, and I guess I’m just happy I wasn’t robbed.