Starting My New Life in Imbabura

Hi it is me Chuck again, and I am now living in Ibarra, which is the capital of the Imbabura Province.  I am working at a credit union called Buscando Un Amigo.  I was told that I am going to be talking and helping out with a lot of market vendors, which I have been. More than you can possibly know.  For example I am going to be helping out with a dance group beginning next week with some of the local High Schoolers.  Also I get to help make Colada Morada for three hundred sixty people tomorrow morning.  Over the next few months however I am sure I will start working in an after school program, setting up different seminars, etc., or it could still be something as simple as organizing receipts, which I am currently doing now.  There is a lot that Buscando un Amigo does and I definitely do not have it all figured out, but I eventually I will get the feel for it.  For now I am settled in with my new host family my two host brothers, Andres who is thirteen and Joãn who is nine . My host dad Pedro is an Architect and my host mom Denise is essentially my boss since she works for one of the partner companies called Fepp.  Fepp is about two or three blocks down from Buscando Un Amigo.  Well that is it for now I Love you all and here is to the next seven months!!!