Spoken Words: But That’s Just Me


I somehow never fit in with those girls with, or without melanin.


Just because this rhymes does that mean I’m not intelligent? 


Plump lips and big chest 


Somehow on other girls it looks best, 


But that’s just me. 



I’ve never liked kool aid, 


I don’t like it when people sugar coat things that weren’t meant to be sweet,  


But not gonna lie that grape flavours on fleek. 


I don’t like all hip hop,


But that’s just me 



I’m deep with my gold roots like my saxophone 


But give me that Beethoven 


I’ll switch my keys to piano.


I code switch easy,


I go from classical to bla bla bla!


But that’s just me 



But I don’t like being angry 


But I like my hair left alone 


I don’t like being a petting zoo 


I like being magical on my own


I like pumpkin spice… sometimes 


I like the proper pronunciation of my profound perfect name 


But please realise we are not all the same. 


But hey, that’s just me


– Shukura and Isabel