Some things I would like to remember


I had heard about this time from many people …… “Lupi, you will have a lot of free time during this gap year. You must put it to good use.” 

But no one can really prepare you for what all these people meant. 

After the initial excitement of being in this new environment, I experienced such blankness. I could not find any excitement anymore, it was a stagnant period. It felt like I was rejecting this new experience … like my mind was backing down from this challenge.At one point I was convinced that I would only remember this period as my entire experience.

I think I have mostly overcome this phase now by trying to focus on what really makes me happy here, on the things I would like to remember in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Some of the things are ( in no particular order ) :-

  1. The thrill of catching a bus on time. Really makes me feel like a local.
  2. Sitting on the beach near my house for some quite time. Gives me a chance to have a conversation with myself and those sunsets are truly beautiful.
  3. All the regional reconnects and learning seminars, I have learned some important things during these meetings.
  4. The openness of the members of my host family to new ideas and perspectives. I have had some good conversation with my host grandma about my experiences back home in India.
  5. All the new Brazilian music I have heard. Helps me relax 
  6. The fact that most people in my community greet everyone they pass by on walkways.
  7. My language class. I really love the teacher and the fellows. We have good laughs while still focusing on improving our language skills by talking about important topics like politics and education
  8. The kids at my apprenticeship…most days they manage to pick up my mood
  9. Açai. I think this one speaks for itself, a chilled berry bowl filled with antioxidants topped with all the toppings the heart desires can never go wrong.
  10. The market that happens in “Lagoa Da Conceição” and “Santo Antonio de Lisboa” every weekend. Every time I go, I have amazing conversations with the handicraft store owners.




And so much more ……

Thank you for reading!