So What Does Senegal Look Like?

Barker Carlock - Senegal

January 15, 2013

It’s not easy to describe Senegal in words; therefore, I thought that the best way to show people what Senegal looks like was through video. Here are four videos that I made to help those outside of Senegal get a glimpse into the culture, people, and atmosphere. Enjoy!

1.    Sand Painting Demonstration (
Here is a glimpse into sand painting. I filmed this on Gorée Island. Gorée was at one point the slave trading capital of West Africa. Because of this, it has become a large tourist destination drawing many African painters and artists.

2.    Bandia Reserve (
During our first training seminar in Mbour, we had the privilege to get a glimpse of what Senegal looked like in past centuries. Bandia, a National Reserve Park, was a great time for the Senegal cohort. We were able to see some African wildlife as well as catch up after being apart after 6 weeks.

3.    Smiles of Joal (
The buzz word, “Africa” normally comes with the mental images of poverty, depression, and thatch huts out in the bush. Although these images of “Africa” are existent, it’s not the full picture. In this video, I wanted to show a happier side of the people in Senegal—being human, smiling, and having a good time.

4.    Touba (
So you may be asking yourself, what is Touba? Watch this video and see as I describe the Islamic pilgrimage that many Muslims take in Senegal every New Year.


Barker Carlock