Laura Rohrer - Brazil

October 1, 2010

Sometimes I feel speechless. Other times I feel like I have something to say, but I just don’t have the words to say it. I hope I grow out of this, but part of me feels like I was born with it. Perhaps this is why I feel more comfortable playing music than I do speaking in front of a group.  Last Wednesday, and then again on Saturday, Gavin White came and spoke to us about video storytelling. We learned how to make a story compelling, how to maintain people’s attention, and how to use our flip cameras. He showed us a beautiful clip of an aquarium tank. The video was so simple but so powerful. I felt like I could watch it forever. I realized that showing can be even more meaningful and effective than telling.  It was a relief to learn that even while I might struggle with describing what makes a moment significant in words I will have other tools to help me describe the moment.

Laura Rohrer