Shorts and a tee

A year ago today, I was bundled from head to toe freezing my toes off in
the Pennsylvania winds of a late November night. I never thought a year
later I’d be in shorts and a tee and walking to school, not to learn but to
teach. It’s pretty amazing so far. No homework, and that’s all that
matters. Perhaps homework was my least favorite thing about high school….
I really didn’t mind going to class, but homework was just the killer. I’d
rather spend my time at home and enjoy it. Finally here in Guachapala
Ecuador, I can spend my time at home and enjoy it. I don’t have any worry
about things being due the following day, or whether or not to
procrastinate on a project. I can sit outside with my grandmother’s two
dogs, Balto and Gordo, who are the perfect partners in crime. They follow
me everywhere. When I go for runs they follow me, when I go to the store
they follow me, and even when I go to school they follow me (and find a way
into the school and procede to wreak havoc on whatever classroom I am
teaching in….. Once Balto even climbed through a window to get into the
classroom). When coming back from a run, I need to scale an actual brick
wall in order to evade them climbing all over me while I’m stretching!
Nevertheless, Balto and Gordo are two of the nicest dogs I have ever met
(except when they chase little puppies). I am getting to know Guachapala a
whole lot better, as I know where the best stores are, the best spots to
relax, and where the haunted hospital is. Yeah, haunted hospital. I will
elaborate on that sometime soon.
Chao for now!