The S(h)ituation on my First Day

Sábado, 30 de Septiembre de 2017


Hello, welcome to my first blog! My name is Bryan and I currently in Ecuador. After the split of the Cohort of 51, I am now a part of Rosé all Day, my Regional Group. Global Citizen Year started a month ago and so much has happened, but I will save that for future blogs.


Writing about Viernes, 29 de Septiembre de 2017


Water has been something that I have taken for granted back in San Francisco. Whether it’s for drinking, washing, flushing, showering, or cooking, I never had to worry about the lack of, nor the cleanliness of water. In Ecuador, I now have to worry about both. Speaking of the lack of water, let’s talk about what happened yesterday.

 Friday was the first day of my apprenticeship. The day before, I made sure I went to bed at 10pm so that I would wake up at 7am, ready for my 7-hour work shift. Action was achieved but I couldn’t say the same for the result because my bowels woke me up at 2:30am. I needed to go to the bathroom right away, yet, I debated for 30 minutes on whether I should go or not.

The reason why it took me so long to decide to go? Well, my house has been having water problems for the past few weeks. My host dad has been trying to fix the water tank, but the issue is still relevant.

Before I went to sleep, I knew that the water in my bathroom was out. So the only way I could get rid of my caca was to fill a bucket of water in order to flush the toilet. It was 2:30am and I did not want my host parents to mistaken me as an intruder. 30 minutes passed and I decided to just face the potential embarrassment in 4 hours when I woke up. Man oh man it was smelly, but it worth it. I then opened my Google Translate App on my phone, grabbed a pen and a post-it and wrote, “ Muy Feo. Por Favor un cubo de agua primero antes de ubrir.” Translation: Very Nasty. Please get a bucket of water first before opening. I recorded myself on Snapchat as I stuck the post-it on to the toilet. After posting the video to my SC story, I told myself to be hopeful. Even though I knew that the water was likely out, I still pushed the button. What was there to lose? Well… I’m glad I pushed the button because IT FLUSHED. I was ecstatic I never knew that flushing my caca would be so satisfying. I rushed back to my bed. I checked my phone and it read “3:30am…”


Alberto (my apprenticeship supervisor), if you are reading this blog, you will now know why I was 15 minutes late on my first day. I am sorry.


This is a screenshot of the video that i posted on my Snapchat Story.


Memory that I would like to share:


Freestyling to Ten Toes Instrumental, in my lounge room of Hosteria Estancia de Angel with Alex and Gijs at 11pm at night.

Random topics for the freestyle: Equator, toilet, water, and more.


Song that I would like to share:


      Noah Cyrus – Again ft. XXXTENTACION


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