Security- SEC-URITY

Albamarina Nahar - Brazil

March 21, 2012



I had no idea that Brazil used to be ruled by military dictatorships and governments for a long period of time in history.  Many blame America for its influence on military and torture. Although that was in the past, today still lives some type of military practice in everyday life of all the people.  I realized this reality while traveling on a day to day basis.

Of course I am on the Onibus, staring out of the window. And the thing I see roughly every block is policia military. There were two of them walking around with their AK 47 as if it was picole (ice cream Popsicle).  As I looked around on the Bus to see if anyone else was surprised, I realized I was the only one that was really shocked.  This deeply scared me, but I slowly let it go since no one else was surprised like me.


Another scenario that opened my eyes, as my mom and I were leaving the New Years day concert; a line of Police came through the crowd literally pushing people out of their way as if they were Gods of the Earth.  I never heard a “licença” come out of their mouths, not even once.   I almost fell over when that one policia pushed me out of his way. I grew furious and started to really dislike the Bahian Police.

Once I got home, I immediately turned on my TV to watch my favorite novella Fina Estampa and guess what was on it? The Policia Federal/Militar walking around neighborhoods, smiling, giving kids high fives, and giving the impression to the people that they are there to protect everyone from any type of danger (specifically drug traffickers).  I believe this commercial is false advertisement to Brazilians. I ask my friends here why are the Policia are so rude, they answer that they believe they are more powerful and above tudo povo (all the people).  I am glad I am not the only one who sees the reality.


Albamarina Nahar