Second Time’s the Charm

Tanurah Plummer - Brazil

January 8, 2020

         As a part of the content-rich Global Citizen Year curriculum, us fellows are required to formulate some kind of community project before we leave our host country. Yes, we knew about this project long before we arrived in country, and YES, I waited until last month to really start thinking about what I actually wanted to do. That’s beside the point though.

I have been talking to a couple of the other fellows and my team leader (which is essentially the HBIC of my cohort) about my ideas. At first, I was like, “English week”! Let me take what I know from back home and share it with the children at the apprenticeship. I wanted to exchange the traditions, holidays, and the crafts from my culture back in America and create activities to do with the children that attend the creche that I spend my time volunteering at. I was pumped. Like yeah, I did that. I came up with this bomb a** idea. After all, I have been immersing in the Brazilian culture and it has been shared with me through all of the people I have been so lucky to meet throughout my gap year. Now, I could share my culture with them.

I went for weeks with this idea in the back of my mind, sharing it with the other fellows hoping that I could inspire them a little.

I have no idea what changed or what clicked in my mind… but something felt off. I thought, wait a minute. What is this doing for me? How is this really going to impact my creche, let alone my community? We do some crafts, play some games, then what? I leave and they never touch on the topic again. Why would they?

I had thought about this a lot. I needed to do something more impactful. Something that actually would leave a mark on my creche. Something that I could be proud of and that they could use for years upon years.

This afternoon, as I sat at the table eating my lunch, it hit me. I immediately picked up my phone to text my HBIC and let her know what I had in mind. I work with children, specifically infants. My coworkers and I spend a lot of time reading books and singing to soundtracks on old CD’s with them. So, I’m like, what if I took my budget, and purchased new books and CD’s. we are constantly opening books to find pages torn out or scribbled all over. I can see the disappointment on my coworkers faces as they turn the page just to see that there is nothing there or that a simple black and white zebra has now turned into a rainbow unicorn. That’s one way to teach the kids their colors.

I figured this idea would allow both me and my creche to gain something. And I can expand the idea to other age groups as well. Everyone likes books and music. Especially children.

I kid you not, I came up with this idea less than an hour ago and I had to share it ASAP because I am so excited to be able to share something that will not only be used now but that can be continued in the future (and even better, something that I thought of :p ).

Now, not only am I pumped, but I am ECSTATIC and I cannot wait to further formulate this project for my creche!!!!! I guess the second time’s the charm.


Tanurah Plummer