For the longest time, I dreaded the idea of having to continue school after
the 4 long years of high school. It wasn’t until recently, during this much
needed gap year, that I felt excited about heading back into the classroom.
I’ll give you some background, I used to “like” school for
the social accommodations that came with it. For example, I may have had to
take a test one day but like a crappy hotel providing free breakfast, even
though the test was not enjoyable and well, crappy , I got to be social,
which was a free gift (if that makes ANY sense lol).
I lost my drive for school and passion to learn new things
around the time high school started. Mom says I was “distracted,” whatever
that means… haha. On a real note though, I wasn’t distracted, I was
unmotivated. Nothing screamed “LEARN ABOUT ME!” So, I lost the interest. A
few months after graduation, I looked back at my high school self, pretty
upset that I didn’t accomplish everything my younger self had dreamed about
it. Now, sitting on my bed in Touba Toul, Senegal, I realized I actually
accomplished so much more. I’m not sure I would’ve found this opportunity
had I not lost my initial drive for school. I’d be on another path in life,
maybe enjoying it, maybe not, guess we’ll never know. Point is, I needed
this year to go through tremendous self growth and discovery in order to
shape what comes next. I can now say, I’m excited to go to university to
learn. Sure, the social life will be fun, but I can undoubtedly say that my
focus is on what matters the most, my education.
I’ll admit I was skeptical about taking a year off and heading
back to school afterwards. I was sure that one year off would become ten
years off and next thing you know I’m a grown woman and I never went to
college. Which, of course, is no problem… but its not me. I am eternally
thankful for this opportunity and all of the ups and downs it has brought
me. Without this experience, I may have never regained my admiration for