I have been away from home for three years now. I only visit during summer, I turned 17, 18, 19 away from home, 3 Christmas away from home. Sometimes I feel like hitting the road, but my heart races everytime I begin a journey. I don't drive and I can't fly a plane. Travelling is amusing, and being at the airport or even getting there is something that has made me appreciate the road more than the destination. 

Because road is not only the street, the path, the highway I use to go somewhere, road is everything and everyone I found during a journey, destination is our goal,but without the road there is nothing, and we should appreciate it, because it is what makes the destination incredible. Imagine after running your first marathon, you would be tired ,but the most important thing is that you would be proud of yourself, imagine if the 26.2 miles did not exist, after one step you are at the finish line, utopia for others right, a version of yourself is always born after a “marathon”, the road you used is the one that makes you a marathon runner.

On my first international trip, I flew from Maputo to Johannesburg, I didn't speak English and I needed to follow some instructions and they were all in English, and a man behind me translated for me, from there I went to São Paulo, ten hours flight and I think I met the funniest flight attendant ever, every time he came to ask if we needed something, he cracked jokes, also  during the meals, everytime he came I was excited to hear what he had to say, he started joking with one of the passengers they didn't have a common languages but he made many people laugh, little things the road provides. Here in Brazil, I drove, not a lot ,but I used many roads, the roads I use to go to my Apprenticeship, to Language Class, to Church or just exploring the area, what happens in the road taught me to be strong, to be kind and sometimes pretend not to know something so I can hear people's stories  and their unique way to tell them, it is also a way to hear what they feel and think.

It was through the roads that I found my heart, my passion, my inspiration to write, reason to always do what is correct,  even a little act of kindness can change perspectives, in road we make quick impressions, a big number of people you cross path with with, you will never see them again, but their way of being may change you forever. The roads teach us the value of kindness .In any road there will be landscape, which represents the time we are born, the good times of our life, but  every road has holes, that will make the car jumpy and these are the hard moments of our life.

Sometimes, things can be  “so wrongly bad” , but the road is what shapes us, the beginning  is different from the end, and as we approach our destination we start having a feeling of nostalgia because the road is in it's end, but we remember the lessons it gave us.

I think roads are a turbulent flight, what you need to do is to  hold on until the landing, and the next flight won't be the same experience.