This road I walk

Charlotte Kaufman - Ecuador

March 5, 2014

There are two ways I can get from my my house in San Pedro to the Cabanas where I work. There is a path through the ‘monte’- the forest- which is quicker but less traveled because of the buggy grass and muddiness. There is also the main road which is uncomfortable under the heavy sun but is more direct. I treasure the quiet moments I have in the ‘monte’ path, and though the main road is more traveled, I love it just as much.

I have walked this road in the early morning just as the sun rises.

I have walked this road eating guaba or chewing moretes and caña.

I have picked a ‘head’ of plantains off the side of this road and carried it to the house.

I have run down this road with a group of girls from the village for excercise.

I have carried groceries and liters of water down this road under the beaming sun.

I have hopped on the back of a truck and ‘wooshed’ down this road.

I have walked this road back from Misuahualli holding my youngest brother’s hand, José.

I have walked this road with my family, guitars in hand, singing, and laughing.

I have wheelbarrowed wood shavings down this road.

I have hauled toquilla, which I harvested off the side of this road to thatch our roof.

I rode a bike down this road that had 3 other people on it.

I have walked this road at night, the sky speckled with stars, with only one light at the end of the road to guide our way.

I never know which road is the right to take or when to take it. I don’t know the next time I’ll be running down it or crawling up it.

I do know I am going to miss this road.

Charlotte Kaufman