Ready to Fly

(wrote this as I was boarding to California for the Global Launch, but didn’t have connection to post) 
As I'm in one more airport, ready to fly, waiting for another connecting flight that will take me to the next chapter of the never-ending adventure my life seems to be, I can finally slow down for a second and think about the craziness all of this has been.

As I'm in one more airport, ready to fly, it feels quite lonely to leave home once more. Goodbyes don't get any easier the more you do. I wish they did!!! Maybe it would not hurt so much to hug my parents tight, kiss my love one last time, look at the sky who keeps on waving me goodbye.
As I'm in one more airport, ready to fly, it feels quite strange to go somewhere other than ABQ Sunport. There won't be any familiar faces at luggage claim, nor visits to Waffle House, or even the big white and blue bus waiting for me.
As I'm finally ready to fly, I feel like I will never be any prepared to leave behind the comfortable feeling of being safe and home in Brazil or the sweet calmness of the juniper trees, sunflowers and infinite blue skies of Montezuma. 
Ready or not, my soul asks for the experiences, even if my heart seems reluctant at first. I guess it is time for all the overwhelming colors, flavors, patterns, and landscapes only India can bring me.