Pictures (and Sounds) of My Ecuadorian Day

When I found out I’d be going to Ecuador, I pictured myself walking down a
long dirt road in the rain.

That was pretty much it. I didn’t know what else to expect. I had no idea
how my daily life in Ecuador would look, especially given that I wouldn’t
find out where I’d be living until I got to Quito.

In December, I started documenting the parts of my day that didn’t go down
in my nightly journal. I photographed things that were central to my life
in Quiroga, Imbabura, Ecuador. I cherish the memories that stand out, like
floating down a river in the Amazon and hiking Imbabura, but more of my
time was spent reading on the couch or walking to the radio.

These pictures portray *my *life during *my *time in Imbabura. They don’t
represent all of Ecuador, or even all of Quiroga, just like how my life in
Framingham differs from my friend’s life in Kentucky. (She’s never been to
Trader Joe’s!) Enjoy the photos and captions, but remember that I can only
tell my own story.

Find my photos and the full post here: