Winter is my favorite season. I guess I’ve never truly experienced it though, living in Arizona. I’ve got this theory that it doesn’t actually count as a real winter unless you’ve got so much snow you despise it. Right now I’d give anything for snow, for cold, for a reason to drink a hot beverage and wear a sweater. It feels like a never ending summer here, and the fact that I’m missing out was punctuated by the gifts I got from my family. Some nice fluffy slippers, thigh highs, and thick wooly boot socks. All I can do now is stare at them and imagine how great they’re gonna be 7 months from now. I look forward to then, the Christmas with my family and seeing how much my niece has grown. But at the same time I’m still not homesick, I haven’t been, and I don’t think I will be. Before coming here I never knew how I would handle traveling alone, being away from people I’ve spent my whole life with… but I realize now it’s how I feel the most at home. I’d been plagued with the feeling of needing to get out and now that I have, it feels so right. So while I’m excited to be back in Arizona, I’m already looking forward to my next takeoff. I don’t know to where, I don’t know when, but that’s the best part. Anywhere my heart desires, I know I can make it happen. Chances are, wherever I go it’ll have a real winter, and I’ll be laying in bed freezing to death, reminiscing that time in Brazil I was laying in bed sweating to death. I can’t wait.