part of the only diary that i ever kept

7 September 2019
 Dear Diary,
today everyone is going to their host families. But my family was very close to the area that we were our first week here, so I went by car. Because I was waiting for everyone to leave I eat 2 times breakfast. I know its weird, but why not?
My house was 20 min away. When I arrived at the house, I start getting a little bit nervous. They prepared a poster for me and they sing too!!!! My older sister and my brother( the son of the best friend of my father) got excited and started teaching me billiard.
To be honest, I am not used to so many people in the house but I kind of like it. 
In the evening, we went to the seaside and it was beautiful. There were a lot of birds and waves. I took so many pictures with my camera. I fall in love with the view, the sky, the forest, the waves, the birds and the black stones. 
In the house, we have compost and our recycling. I am so excited about it!!! And all my clothes are in the laundry machine. Dear fellow that you are coming to Brasil, take some warm clothes you will need it as you will arrive here by the end of the winter. 
The other thing that I was nervous about, where home duties. Stuff told us that many families, don’t really want fellows to do house duties.But I prefer to help in the house and in my house, all of us contribute to them.
I am so excited about the upcoming days and months
Boa Noite!!!!