Original poem: What makes me different?

What makes me different , I asked myself before

So many different pathways, many different doors

Staring at the Moon and speaking with the wind

Learning from the World to understand whats within

I thought my Heart would speak when I tried to listen

Asking if its worth it to go and try to glisten

Like the stars I’d stare at in the moonless night

When the signs say go left, but my Heart says go right

But what makes me different I ask to the Moon

I guess success is not an option tasting failure too soon

The dreams I have while sleeping seem like nightmares

I have this dull naivness to think that life is fare

Ive learned that all I work for will soon be gone

All these winning battles fought, not really won

So I ask myself, what makes me different

From all the other kids who want to shine and glisten

To determine the worth of chasing my dreams

Reaching farther than the Moon and Saturn’s Rings

Because in the truth I want to be a star

I’d rather not live than settle for par

Although my dreams might seem quite obscene

I’d rather live out an adventure, than follow a routine

To be the Black Sheep in the great flock of Whites

Treading through the dark tunnel with the White lights in sight

I’ve  learned that I can be what I want to be

So when they ask what makes me different, I’ll simply say “me”