ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! One more week till I depart on a lifetime experience that will be part of me forever! As you all know I will be traveling to Senegal, Africa for the next 8 months! I’m beyond pumped for this adventure and I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who supported me on this journey! The reason I’m here writing to you guys is I’d love to keep you ALL involved in my life through this time especially. Throughout the duration of my trip I will be posting blogs, vlogs, and lots of pictures! This will be one of the main sources in which you can keep up with what I am doing!!

I’m most excited for…

• Learning and become as fluent as possible in a new language.
• Experiencing a completely new culture in a extreme way.

I’m most curious about…

• The food I’ll be eating on a daily basis!
• Most importantly the type of dancing that takes place in the country!!!

As I said before thank you guys so much for everything you’ve done. I know my mamacita would be so grateful as am I!!!

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