One Last Update

Completing my capstone was a really good way to wrap up and summarize my entire experience in Brazil. Being back home in the US, I was struggling to find closure with what my past 7 months had been like, so putting together this project really let all my agitation come to rest. I’ve started to reflect on how much Brazil changed me, and how I’m going to use that moving forward. I have to admit that while I was in Brazil, I did a really bad job of staying connected with my friends and family in terms of updating them on what I was doing and just generally keeping up good contact with them. I feel like this project will be a lot of relief to my family and friends that my experience in Brazil was actually impactful and was something that I was genuinely proud of and passionate about. This project created a nice connecting bridge in between my two very separate lives recently, and I think that anyone who sees my Capstone video will agree. I still am in contact with the people I met in Brazil through social media (including Facebook), so they will definitely be able to see the video and appreciate it too. 

I’m very appreciative of the opportunity GCY has given me, and can’t thank them enough for this incredible program. I know that I can apply many of the life lessons I learned abroad to my college life and beyond. I feel so much more prepared and mature, and so much more of a global citizen. I highly encourage any else who is passionate about other cultures to apply for this experience as well, and expand themselves to become more resilient, motivated, and self-aware, just like I did in Brazil!