Old School


You probably expect

something about India being cool,

but since nothing has yet changed

I decided to go old school


Let me explain to some of you

why this is not something new:

this is what me and Rosalie

used to do,

but now I’m alone so forgive me if sometimes I don’t really find the right words or length.


As odd as this may sound

I don’t have much to say

but soon some stuff will happen

and to tell you I will find a way. 


Yes, I know I won’t eat meat.

No, I won’t shave my head.

Yes, I will write whenever I can.

No, I won’t marry an Indian man.


Many ask me about my expectations

but how can I have any?

This is so many time zones away

the changes will be many.


But there is something

I’m sure about:

I will learn so many new things,

it will be hard to keep count.


So thank you for the patience,

for helping me fundraise

and even for trying to find a way

to make me stay.


Don’t worry for me,

I will be more than good.

And when I come back 

I will be queen of Bollywood.