New Year different Country

2018 Finally here! To celebrate the new year I wore white not even knowing that's a Brazilian tradition. I guess I'm Brazilian at heart. I wore white with accents of light blue and green. Wearing white for the new year symbolizes the attraction of peace and happiness you'll have for the year, while green means health and blue means harmony. To bring in the new year I celebrated with my friend Elise and my host family. We went downtown for the night. When we arrived we walked in the moonlight to see a wave of people wearing white. As dusk was upon us burst of bright colors illuminated the dark starry night. This was a celebration of now and the future. I'm very excited as to what this year has to offer me. I'm excited for adventure, peace, thrills, laughter, and new happiness. Something within me tells me this year is going to change my life drastically, but only for the better. I feel as though I'm going to gain a lot within me and I'll be strong and not just from the inside anymore, but I'll projected forward. My favorite color is purple and my new favorite color is yellow. These two colors are very powerful especially together. A beautiful friend of mine once told me. Yellow means thinking and purple means power. Which when you have the two together means I'm thinking of something that's going to be pretty powerful in my life. I'm eager to discover exactly what that is?