New School

In my first poem 
I wrote,
about a new life beginning,
but not changes I could note.

It's been 8 months
since then
so let me now tell you
how life has been.

India life was colourful
but at times really dark.
It wasn't always Bollywood,
some things left a mark. 

The chapati was good
and so were the dosas
but I also discovered
I didn't like samosas

One of the things I learned:
spices make me burn
They also give me hiccups with no caution
so most foods were not an option.

For 50 kids I was Didi,
for Ashwini a daughter,
for many others
a white foreigner.

Even if I wrote
a thousand verses,
I couldn't sum up 
all my experiences.

So if you want to know
how India went,
words wont explain
how much it meant.