So, it’s been 12 days since I hugged my family goodbye in Bhutan. It’s been 10 days since I hugged my ex-roomie (shout out to Jasmine) goodbye. It’s been 2 days since I hugged my fellow fellows of other cohorts goodbye. (I hope you guys are having a great time in your countries!) And it’s been a day since we landed in Brazil.

So this will be a photo journal of the past 12 days. These are just moments where I remembered to take my phone out and actually take pictures. So enjoy! 


25/08/2018 25/08/2018 A tour around UCB with Jasmine and Salomé (ex-roomies). Shoutout to Jaz for hosting Salo and me <3. 


A picture of Jaz and Salo (and my shadow) at the bus stop after shopping at Target (crazy) and waiting for the bus which never showed. So we ended up taking an Uber and met Teresa, a 60-year-old driver. She told us about her burning passion for driving so she decided to give people driving lessons so they can pass their tests! She was so nice! 


26/08/2018 I turned 18. Thank you, everyone, for the wishes and the UWC folks in Berkeley for the surprise (no pics of the surpresa, sadly). 

Anyway, we found this really cool vinyl store and Salo has promised to revisit it after GCY because we were in such a hurry that we just spent 2 minutes inside which did not satisfy Salo’s hunger for vinyl. 


27/08/2000 A day after Global Launch kick-off at Stanford University (Stanford is pretty). Some random pictures that I took during global launch. 

Evening walks were amazing!! 


31/08/2018 Shopping for books to take to our host countries with Miri, Zion, and Salo! 

Stay safe and tell me everything! (oooooh just got an idea for a future blog post… stay in tune)


31/08/18 Final global cohort check-ins where we got our GCY tees. Blue for Brazil, Yellow for Senegal, Orange for Ecuador and Green for India!!! 


02/08/18 We finally arrived in Brazil. The ocean is so pretty and the beach is right in front of our hotel. So far, it’s been raining and it is pretty chilly here.

We met our in-country staff. They are really amazing people. We broke off into smaller cohorts (Floripa and Garopaba) and had a small check-in session. I am in Floripa and my homestay in the center of the island at a place called Mount Verde. Seeing it on the map got me even more excited. 

We fellows have yet to meet our host families. So look forward to a blog post about my upcoming days in Brazil.

Catch you next time!

See ya