My voices

Marcus Goley - Ecuador

August 30, 2019

 I never really was a man of words or anyone words at all. I was always that quiet kid in class who did everything he was supposed to and was always compared as “why can’t anyone be like Marcus”. I hated it, I felt like the last one to do anything and felt as if I never had a voice or if I did have people to share that voice with. I guess it was because I moved around a lot, or maybe because I had a hard time connecting to the others my age. Either way over these past three months I have been getting ready to take my gap year from difficult visa task and long summer nights it was the worst and often I wanted to quit. Honestly, I almost did but I’m glad I didn’t.  Over the past week I feel like a connection with EVERYBODY!!! And I can tell the love is genuine, I found my voice and haven’t even left yet. I will definitley miss my friends but when we reunitr it will
be awesome.Hopefully when I return my voice will be more than just English maybe it will be En espenaol, or even Kichwa



Marcus Goley