My New Home

After a month of ICO in Dakar. We were shipped off to our villages where we'd remain for the duration of the program. I've been here in Ngueniene for about a solid month now and when I tell you that the wildlife here is something else, I ain't lying. All of the bugs can fly. How am I supposed to kill a flying roach, a flying spider?! All of the bugs want to take bucket showers with me. Lizards and mice running in and out your room. I'm trying to sleep and I hear mice running across the floor, smh. Aside from all the pests that have figured out a foreigner is living with the family, my village is quite peaceful. I managed to get picked up by the basketball team here which is great because I have something to do when I'm not at my apprenticeships. My family is very open-minded and know me pretty well. I'm glad that I'm not considered a Tubab and the family really accepts me because all of the negative connotations that people have when they think of America are negated. It feels good to have a family and a positiver father-figure. My host brother is the coolest guy. I really look up to him because he's well-known and everyone respects him, which is the exact kind of man I want to be when I'm older. I feel like I am in the best situation with this host family, the best family to help me grow into what I want to be.