My First Step of the Year

My first step of living in Ecuador is to list my goals for the year. This is scary for me because I don’t usually write my goals down, in addition once this is published I can be held accountable for them by you all. These goals are broad, and I’m sure that as the year progresses I will write down more specific goals of mine. If I’m brave enough I’ll share those with all of you.

Here is my first list of goals:

1. Practice gratitude everyday. This can take many forms such as journaling or letting those you are grateful for know.
2. Be present but also find balance. Say yes to things, but also take time for me.
3. Create new habits. Evolve with the new community and lifestyle.
4. Learn from mistakes and move forward with them instead of letting them hold you back.
5. Ask good questions to learn more about the world and of myself.
6. Be a better listener. Be present when listening. Be humble when listening.
7. Be passionate about everything you do and try.
8. Communicate with family and friends but find balance. Don’t get stuck back at home and lose presence but don’t lose contact with home.
9. Learn Spanish! And a little Kichwa.
10. Join a local soccer team.

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