My first day in Brazil

Jean Ulysse - Brazil

October 3, 2011

This is my second full day in Brazil, sitting down by the ocean where I can let nature be my teacher, the ocean sing me a lullaby get lost into my thoughts…..

Sometimes in life we wish we did not do certain things but “hey” what can we do about them. Making my way to Brazil to start my gap year I had to face a lot of challenges. Because of my compassions and willingness to be there I take these challenges in and turn them into opportunities like my Global-Potential (non-profit organization I work for based in New York and Boston. www. family always tells me. As products of an imperfect world, all of us are imperfect. Each one of us has done something wrong, things we have done or things we should have done. All these things create challenges for us. These things sometimes are things we regret. If we can acknowledging our wrongdoings, it can serve to keep us in a better path in life and encourage us to correct our mistakes when we have the chance and take some actions to correct things in the future.

This leads us to take sometime to reflect on the benefits of life, compassion and kindness, to overcome our lack of opportunities. The growing appreciation of compassion, has the potential effect of reducing our tendency towards hatred and increasing our respect for life. If we do not take the Lack of opportunities to personal, we will diminish them.

All of these personal issues make us think sometimes Life is fundamentally ugly, chaotic and complicated because of our wrongdoings. If we allow our wrongdoings holding on to the memory of our past transgressions, then we all want to be out. This serves no purpose other than to be a relentless source of self-punishment.

Please DO NOT “quote” me on this… an adventure is the only bee that makes honey without flowers…

Jean Ulysse