Muchas Thank Yous

My host mom in Quito knows very little English, and the other night when I was washing the dishes  was one of the first times I heard her speak English; she used the term “muchas thank yous” to express her gratitude towards me helping out after dinner.

As I prepare to say goodbye to Quito and hop on a bus to Cañar, where I will be greeted by my host family that I will be staying with for the next 7 months, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all that has happened in this last month, and share my appreciation.

Thank you to the Global Citizen Year staff for genuinely caring for each and every fellow.

Thank you to the Ecuadorians who have so graciously welcomed me into their beautiful country.

Thank you to my host family for being extremely patient with me as I attempt to have a conversation in spanish.

Thank you to the security guards all over the city for being extremely helpful whenever I’m lost and need directions.

Thank you to my host mom for waking up early every morning to prepare my breakfast and make my lunch to bring with me to spanish class.

Thank you to the taxi drivers for realizing that my spanish isn’t quite up to par, and being patient while I attempt to describe where I need to go.

Thank you to the teachers at EIL who have shown me that it is possible to have fun while learning a new language.

Thank you to the dance instructor that let a group of gringos have their own separate studio to learn salsa and meringue.

Thank you to the lady who works at the ice cream shop that lets me try as many flavors as I want before deciding which kind to get.

Thank you to my host family for taking me in as one of their own and providing food on the table and a roof over my head.

The list goes on and on. I honestly could stay up all night writing down my gratitude, but I think it would be best to get some sleep at this point.

Buenas noches, mis amigos.