Movie Recommendations

Most nights before going to bed I tried to watch a movie as it's something I'm passionated about. This is a list of some of the movies I watched over my time in Senegal, which in a way they touched me.

—> Call Me By Your Name

—> Midnight in Paris

—> The Iron Lady

—> Get Out

—> The Big Short

—> The Graduate

—> Howl’s Moving Castle

—> The Godfather

—> Pulp Fiction

—> Across the Universe

—> August Osage County

—> Black Swan

—> Dead Poets Society 

—> Detachment

—> Good Will Hunting

—> Groundhog Day

—> Annie Hall

—> Into the wild

—> Sex, Lies, And Videotapes

—> Spirited Away

—> The Aviator 

—> The Danish Girl

—> The Pianist 

—> The Shawshank Redemption

—> The sixth Sense

—> The Theory of Everything

—> The Wolf of Wall Street

—> Dumbo

—> Fantasia 

—> As Good As It Gets

—> Amy 

—> Her

—> Inception

—> Invictus

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