Mornings are beautiful. I’m not a morning person but I can admit there’s something about the lighting in the morning that gives you this kind of feeling that you really don’t get at any other point in life. I mean, those few moments in bed are always a struggle. I imagine what I’m going to do for the day, what I’m going to wear… anything to spare me a few more seconds in Sleepytown. But while I’m brushing my teeth and looking out the window from the bathroom, I swear there is nothing more calming than all those little “sun dusts” in the rays of light reflecting off the mirror creating a rainbow magic that can only be seen by the naked eye. At 7 am hints of the sunrise linger in the sky-pink and orange clouds turn to blue. Mornings give me hope. When I close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, I know that appreciating moments like this means I am no longer counting days away but spending them. Mornings mean “bom dias”, they mean long stretches, hot tea, and whatever else I want them to be. We spend so much of our time thinking about what we could be and never about what we are choosing to be. For the first time in my life, I’m confident with what I’ve chosen to be. Every morning is an opportunity for me to do anything. I could wake up, take a taxi and head for the airport. I could get on an international flight to any country in the world. Yet I stay and for the first time I’m not staying because of fear. I’m staying because mornings are beautiful. On a Thursday morning at 7 am I can appreciate that mornings are beautiful. I can breathe and meditate for half an hour everyday because I am appreciative of time. I am appreciative of being able to do things by own will. Breathing, smiling, staying calm. Those are the things I take away from this year with full content. To experience the things I needed to see to make me a better me is only the cherry on top. “Eventually all the pieces fall into place…until then laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and know that everything happens for a reason.”