morning walk

September 9th, 2015


I walk in the shadow of mountains. Turning the corner they rise before me, big and green and crowned sparsely with clusters of telephone poles and satellite dishes. My lunch box bumps against my thigh with each step and breakfast sits heavily in my stomach. There is a small round hole in the heel of one of my gray wool socks and the cool morning air tickles the exposed skin. I weave in between the men and women meandering down the sidewalk; a foreigner wearing sandals and walking at a New York pace. 

There are already many cars and taxis on the road. It is loud and smells of exhaust and harsh sunlight glints off bumpers and the sloping curves of side view mirrors. It is 07:55. Class starts at 08:30 and I will take El Trole from Jipijapa twenty minutes to Avenue Mariana de Jesús. Once there I will climb another mountain.