For me the best and easiest way to tell a story is through a video. This video is called moments because it contains moments throughout my year in Ecuador, with Global Citizen Year, that I loved and that I think had an impact on me. The very first photo you see is the view I had from my house in Biblian. From that photo on you are able to see photos from trips I went on with my host family to Guayaquil, trips I went on with friends to places like the Amazon and Papallacta, and trips I went on with my cohort to places like Las Playas and Aztec ruins in Cañar. There are photos from the marketplace in Biblian. There are videos from Ecuador’s capital, Quito, from when we first arrived in country. Videos that I took during travel from one city to the next. Videos I took while traveling across country. My host family owned a farm that I would sometimes go to with them on weekends and there are videos taken from when I was there. One of the videos features a baby which I spent most of time with at my first job in the orphanage. It hailed one time in my city and I was able to capture a video of it. Guinea pigs from the family farm that are being raised for the sole reason of being eaten for a special occasion. The first fire featured in the video is on New Year’s because in Ecuador their tradition on New Year’s is to dress up a dummy as someone you love to burn away all their bad luck from the year before and to bring them good luck in the year to come. The next fire was a campfire our cohort made while on a retreat to Las Playas. And the final fire featured is one our entire Ecuador cohort put together on our last night in Ecuador.

As you can see throughout the video Ecuador has many views, many personalities, and a whole lot of culture you couldn’t possibly imagine just from reading articles online. For this reason I believe that videos can be the closest you can get to seeing the country yourself without actually going yourself.

If you have any questions about what is featured in the video feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy.

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