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11 Nov 2017 Mi Abuelita

I love my family here, to say the least. They have accepted me with so much love, it almost seems surreal. But there is one person in particular that has embraced my presence like no other, and that is mi abuelita.

Why do I feel especially loved by mi abuelita? Here are a few of the reasons why….

-She takes me wherever she goes- whether that be into town to buy toilet paper or to her sister's house to make bread, I’m there.

– We go on walks together some mornings. Once she found out I enjoy walking, she suggested that we go together.

-She teaches me how to cook, and is constantly having to remind me of the MANY variations of corn they have here (I still don’t know the difference between any, they all look the same to me).

-She invites me to eat lunch at her house several times a week (which is not a big stretch, considering she lives 20 feet away from my house).

-She teaches me their indigenous language, Quichua, and laughs when I confuse the very few words that I know.

-She always asks how I am feeling: if I miss my family, if I like our family here, if I like the town, if I feel sick, etc…

-She loves to laugh, smile and joke around. If I am ever feeling sad, I know a visit with her will cheer me up.

And the most important reason I feel so loved by mi abuelita is that, from day one, she introduces me to others as her granddaughter (nieta). This is usually followed by a comment along the lines of “well then why is she white?” and she just laughs and persists in saying that I am still her nieta.

I feel so lucky to have been so lovingly embraced by this women who, just a short two months ago, was a complete stranger to me. It’s so incredibly amazing to me the bonds that can be formed in just two months, and not to mention the language barrier between us. This just goes to show that love truly has no boundaries!

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