Meu avo, dexia li!

Albamarina Nahar - Brazil

April 26, 2012

My host grandmother is the sweetest person ever.  She is like the grandma of my street.  She will tell the kids on my street to take showers or to be careful jumping around.  She will give at least $5 R to our visino (neighbor). She will make sure I have eaten more than twice. She cares so much for me and my host mom more than anyone.  With all of this on her plate she is suffering in her left knee, causing pain when she walks.  This means she has to visit physical therapy most days of the week while walking with a cane.

No one but me, my host mom, and aunt hear her crying and complaining about how much she wants the pain to go away.  I feel the pain through her moans while she is preparing food. I ask to help and take over but she feels as if it is her job to give us the nutrition of every day.  But, I do try to help in the smallest ways. For example if she drops things I’ll quickly pick it up for her. And I’ll do her hair so she can feel beautiful and special on those occasional days.  I just try to do whatever I can, while she lets me!  Her escape of remembering about the pain is telling me new gossip daily and letting me know I am getting fatter every day (although she is the one that stuffs food down my throat even when I say that I am full!).  Sharing secrets and laughing about everything on TV with her truly lights up my day because she is smiling.

It surprises me how much she does every day of my life here in Brazil.  Even though she complains about the pain she still gives us what we need.  She is my super grandma.  She has taught me to do what I must do to be successful in life, to keep going, and never quit. No matter how much pain I have.

And she just turned 82 years old this past week! She is definitely one of the strongest women I know.

Albamarina Nahar