Me levante con ganas de estar en casa

Yesterday my community project finished (Or at least 90%), and the satisfaction of seeing the results of something that you have been working on for a couple of weeks, is more than enough to have that taste of fulfillment that many of us are looking for.

I went to bed with a bunch of thoughts of my kids smiling and promising me that they will keep working on what they have learnt from my community project. I fell asleep, and what would have made sense is that I would have dreamed about my kids, my school, India, or perhaps the “Momos” (Indian dumplings) that I had for lunch that day. But no, the whole night my dreams were a weird combination of my home, my family and friends in Colombia.

I was very confused about how my mind was interpreting all my excitement of finishing my community project in my dreams, but then I figured it out after spending at least 30 minutes laying on my bed and looking at the ceiling of my room.

The reason is very simple, the culmination of my community project was the last big experience that made me understand my purpose in India, and now I am ready to go. Saying that, a  couple of things have to be done this next month in Pune. However, what is really making me happy at the moment is knowing that after all this experience, soon I will be sitting in my living room with my parents and telling them all the happy, crazy, sad and confusing moments that made these past months the unique experience that it is.