Magni Fi!

People have always been my motivation, my source of energy and accomplishments. That is why I love to travel, to fly from country to country, looking for people with the same language of perdition and adaptation. Cause more than to places, buildings or objects, we belong to the memories that anchor us to them.

I don’t remember exactly when I became this anxious about traveling and depriving myself of just sticking to a single comfort zone. Somehow even my brain has chosen to delete what once was my sedentary routine. 

Part of the reason of why I have taking so much time writing this first blog relies on, once again, people (also I didn’t have a good connection for a while).

At the moment, I have been in Senegal for ten days in which I have probably met almost the 1500 people that live in my small rural village. My super empowered host mother me to a baptism the first day! 

So now that I have more less given a “Salaam Aleekum” to everyone in my community. I am writing this entrance to express how anxious, excited, sad, confused, overwhelmed, passionate… I am of this experience. Those 1480 neighbours that with all their love, have shown as much solidarity as the 20 members of my family, are what truly shift my negative moments into  self-reflective sessions. 

I don’t wanna make this first blog really long. So in order to make you feel impatient for my next update I will just say one last thing…

Don’t stigmatise yourself if the way you process certain adaptations are through crying or suffering. Talking and letting your feelings be seen by others truly shape and developed who you are in so many different life experiences.

Ps So glad I have language classes to listen my peer’s experiences and share empathy.

Mucho amor,