Los Borrachos

Having attended two Ecuadorian weddings, Christmas celebrations, New Year’s celebrations‰ÛÓand, well, simply having lived in Ecuador for over three months‰ÛÓI have seen my fair share ofborrachos (drunks). Some, as you can imagine, have been thoroughly entertaining. The groom at the first wedding I went to busted out some phenomenal dance moves, for example. However, some have been thoroughly‰Û_ well, I’ll let you fill in the blank.

I have seen a variety of drunken men using the sidewalk as their pillow. I have laughed (partially out of feeling incredibly awkward, but mostly out of a lack of capability to truly understand slurred and/or mumbled Spanish) at my drunken relatives telling me that I shouldn’t go home with anyone I don’t know or that I am an accepted part of the family. I have sneaked away from dancing with drunken cowboys, using the I’m sorry