Looking Back

Kimberly Nerea Tellez - Ecuador

April 23, 2013

Eight months ago I was living in Quito, soaking in what I could from the new culture I was experiencing here in Ecuador.  Though it was a great experience, it seems like I was living in a different country all together at the time.  Today is my last day in my community, and I’ve been busy saying tearful goodbyes and final farewells, among other things.  I’ve also been looking back at the beginning of my journey, and watching this video that I made during In-Country orientation is an eye-opener.  Much has changed since then, I am no longer saying goodbye to a big city, but a small community where I have made new friends and family.  But this was the beginning, and soon you will be seeing more from what the end has been.  Thank you for following me on my journey up until this point, and enjoy!



Kimberly Nerea Tellez