New Adventures 27.08.2015

Christian Gath - Senegal

August 27, 2015

There is no other place in this world I hate, but at the
same time love, as much as airports. In the past few years I spent way too much
time waiting for a connecting flight, jetlagged, sitting on one of the benches
with the armrest constructed so that you cannot lay down, staring onto the
display that would eventually announce the gate of my delayed light. At the
same time they are the gate to new adventures, the place where nervousness and excitement
dilute to this special feeling of decampment. When you hand the airline
official your passport hoping for a seat on the aisle and praying that they
don’t charge you for the extra two pounds you packed into your suitcase. When
you walk along the gangway to board the plane and know that in only few hours
you will be thousands of miles away from home.

But this time another feeling mixed in with the others. It is the feeling of uncertainty
and a general lack of what to expect from Senegal. Senegal, eight month in a
country which I was barely able to point out on a map few weeks ago. And all I
know for now is that I will be spending the first two weeks in Dakar to take
language classes and accustom to local culture and norms, after that everything
is possible. But this time this uncertainty is not freaking me out, in fact it
is exactly what I am looking forward to. When I decided to take this break
between high school and college it was my intention to take this time off and
embrace the world from a different perspective. Gaining this new perspective starts
today, eight month of Senegal start now.


Christian Gath