Live From The Field

                                            Daily Life of a Seminar

Seminars are a gigantic part of the global citizen year life. Basically throughout the 8 months of the Gap year your whole country cohort gets together in either another city or part of the island to stay in a hotel for about a week. This usually happens every 2 months and they are a handful. They can be fun, tiring, boring, and a pretty good time. They are helpful but the days are hella busy and long. Your typical day in seminar life starts anywhere from 6 to 7 am sharp for usually a pretty bomb hotel provided breakfast. After that its morning meeting time and you all go to a room and as implied have a… meeting. Pretty much some people go over what the schedule for that day will be and then you switch into sessions. Sessions are basically lectures or presentations about anything from the power of story telling to dealing with expectations. Those sessions were usually anywhere from an hour to 2 hours and I won't lie my ass usually ended up going into a deep slumber. After the session or nap it was lunch time which was my favorite! You go and they got these big ass buffets set up with some bomb rice, beans, all kinds of fired meats, pasta, and some freaking french fries! Hotel food was my favorite part of every seminar trip. I walked away from lunch with one hell of a food baby. Eventually that would end though and it would be time for another session or fellow led presentations. Once again I would likely fall asleep BUT this was expected and everyone knew I would up falling asleep. Then we get a coffee break which is a break for you guessed it COFFEE. But they also had a bunch of bomb cakes and pastels. Coffee break is short but absolutely bomb and then it would be global gathering time. This is usually a closing meeting where we discuss the day and end up having a speak up from a fellow. I stayed awake in this one and very often enjoyed the Speak ups. And guess what? Then it would be dinner time! This was my second favorite part and just as bomb as lunch. That would end and then it would be around 8 or 9 at night and we had ourselves free time. This is when fellows would hang out and just mess around or check out all the hotel had to offer. That is a day in the seminar life and that usually goes on for a week. It's a long tiring week but it is really fun sometimes and it is refreshing sometimes to get away and just hang with the other fellows.